Frequently asked Questions

How does your development work?

We strictly adhere to industry recognised, best practice development methodologies, so you’re assured of professional results. But because we’re onshore and offshore we know that it takes extra effort to earn and keep your business. So we go the extra mile, not only in price but in performance, to win and keep our customers. You’ve in direct communication with a PMP Certified project manager who will keep you abreast of your team’s progress toward every milestone — from initial needs analysis and requirements documentation to prototyping, development, testing, final release, and business practice integration.

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Do you guarantee the quality of the work?

Upon final delivery, you’ll receive a free warranty — typically, 60-120 days — based on the size and scope of your project. After the warranty period, you may opt to purchase one of a number of different monthly or quarterly support/maintenance agreements.

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You say you give a greater value. Can you explain further?

Our Creations can provide you with development cost savings of 50% or more, we believe that our greatest value goes beyond dollar amounts. It isn’t just that you get full ownership of a solid product with crystal-clear documentation and thorough quality control testing, but also that you enjoy a hassle-free process along the way — an interactive partnership through great communication. Our staff members are experts at not simply writing quality code, or proficiently testing results, but at becoming true partners in the creative process, suggesting solutions that can save your firm time, money and effort.

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You say you communicate better than others — how?

Our communication with clients is so effective, many say it feels more like they’re working with someone down the hall than.We communicate proactively. You won’t have to call and ask: “How’s it going?” You’ll know. That’s because you will be updated continually by your preferred messaging channel, whether private messaging, email or teleconference calls. In addition, you’ll be able to go online with the administrative access we provide you, to view your work in progress. And you’ll receive both code and documentation promptly upon completion of each incremental step. We communicate responsively by making sure we’re reachable 7x24x365 .We get the information into the hands of the right person or persons, so that whatever steps must be taken to satisfy your request or answer your question are initiated. In addition, we have developed cutting-edge communication/collaboration tools that allow frequent, proactive communication with your firm, allowing you to test deliverables and send “snapshots” of your experience, recorded via specialized software, to our developers. This allows full reproducibility of the end-user experience for improved design and debugging. Proprietary web-conferencing software tool. A key difference between us and others offshore is the partnership you’ll enjoy with your PMP-Certified, American project manager. Your PM will be working day-by-day, side-by-side with your www.webdesign-seolondon.co.uk development team’s engineers. So, you won’t need to lose sleep over the problems that language and cultural barriers often create.

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How does your firm handle deadlines, milestones, and delivery? How timely IS it, really?

We follow all standard project management methodologies using state-of-the art tools and well-staffed, expert manpower to ensure that deadlines and milestones are met, and that you get a quality finished product- on time and within budget.

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Who performs the testing and other QA tasks?

www.webdesign-seolondon.co.uk lab specializes in independent, systematic testing, verification, and quality assurance and performs the lion’s share of the organization’s QA. However, we have QA departments with specialists, in-house, at each of the other main campuses to coordinate and supplement www.webdesign-seolondon.co.uk’s work. In addition, each development team has an embedded tester who starts the testing process from project initiation, and continues frequent testing until successful product completion.

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What if a bug shows up?

We follow a comprehensive bug-identification/correction protocol. We assess the problem and assign status based on a 3-point priority scale. All urgent bug-correction issues are considered priority-1, and are addressed immediately.

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Who will own the code?

You. One hundred percent of the code we write will become your property. We have a strong legal process in place that assigns all proprietary and ownership rights to you. You own all code, documentation, design, conceptual ideas generated in the process — everything.

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Will we receive the development files?

You’ll receive copies of your work files continually throughout the development process. In fact, once the project begins you should expect a highly interactive process that may include frequent meetings and international conference calls. Every document, design, and piece of code generated is passed along to you for your review and records.

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What assurance do we have our software won’t end-up in a competitor’s hands?

Every member of each www.webdesign-seolondon.co.uk team is required to sign a confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement. Current laws in the countries where we develop stand behind such contracts with real teeth, providing strict punishment should an individual transgress.

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How complex a project can you handle?

We invite jobs of various size and scope and have completed complex, large-scale projects involving 10-20 team members for project periods of a year or more with as many as two million lines of code generated. Multi-man-month to multi-man-year projects are one of our specialties, and our clients (which include Fortune 500 firms) are pleased with the quality, rapid turnaround and cost-savings we provide.

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What do you need from us — how much detail?

Of course, the more detailed your specifications, the faster the process. At minimum we request that you provide a requirements overview two to three pages in length. From this initial overview, we will ask questions designed to bring project specifics into focus. This is a highly interactive process that can take several weeks. All changes are captured continuously in this working document, which you review for modification as necessary. Once finalized, the process results in creation of a formal requirements document that becomes the “bible” for all development.

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How do you handle clients who make changes mid-project?

That’s a tough question. Here’s a straightforward answer. We strive to do the best possible job of needs assessment and project definition at the start of any project. That’s the best way of making sure there won’t be surprises for either of us. That said, we recognize that in the fast paced, evolving world of business, it is not unusual for the need for such changes to emerge. The bottom line is this. If you request changes mid-project, we will explain the potential impact in terms of time and money. You bear the sole responsibility for deciding to go with the change or stay with the original specs. As partners with you in this process, we’ll do our best to provide you sufficient feedback for making an informed decision.

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Can you provide ongoing software maintenance?

Yes, we are pleased to offer separate support/maintenance contracts for any software we design. Feature enhancements or new development, however, are handled as separate contracts. We also support and maintain software created by other vendors.

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What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Credit Card and bank wire transfer.

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When does the employee leave for vacation?

Our employees will not sign for vacation during the first 11 months, when assigned to a commissioner. When your employee leaves for vacation (2 weeks) we will find somebody who will cover for him/her.

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Intellectual Property

All work made by our employees belong to the commissioner. This is a guarantee that you, and only you, can benefit from your investments.

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Does your employees sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

We strive to fulfill all security requirements of our clients. All employees assigned to a commissioner sign Non-Disclosure Agreement which will render large fines if not complied with.

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Do you accept clients within the adult industry?

Yes, we do!

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Can I resell your services?

Please contact us for more information.

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How many hours per week does an employee work?

Usually eight hours per day Monday to Friday and around five to eight hours on Saturday. One week will consequently be approximately 45 effective work hours.